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With the FA Cup final now being played that signals the end to this years Fantasy Football. And it's congratulations again to Steve Ives, who finishes top for the 2nd season running, winning by 10pts to claim the £75 prize. Commiserations to Tim Prentice who ran Steve close but takes home £25 runner up prize.

Peter Sellings finished 59pts behind 1st place, but a 3rd place finish sees him take home £15. Chris Pate finished 4th, taking home £10 pipping long time leader Dave Martin who is unlucky to finish the season empty handed.

The 3 lucky winners to receive free entry to next years competition for 10th, 20th and 30th places were; Steve Mintrim, Stuart Black and Martin Mintrim.

The final prize for best starting XI also went to this years winner Steve Ives, which earns him a further £15 to make his winnings for the year £90. Well done Steve, no only got a making good transfers to finish top, you picked a good team from the start.

I would like to thank you all for taking part again this year. It was certainly a close finish again this year. Congratulations once again to Steve Ives.

The prize fund will be as follows:
Winner £70; Runner-up £25; 3rd place £15; 4th place £10;
10th place £5; 20th place £5; 30th place £5; Best Starting XI £15

To view the breakdown of your team, and anyone elses, log in to the Telegraphs's Dream Team website, or email the club at

Here are the top scoring players in each position:

Goalkeeper: T.Courtois (152pts)
Defender: C.Azpilicueta (182pts)
Midfielder: A.Sanchez (280pts)
Forward: H.Kane (252pts)

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Fantasy Football table

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